HAUT Dermatology

HAUT is a Dermatology Practice run by Dr Adrian Mulholland. After more than fifteen years of working in the field of Dermatology Dr Mulholland has established his own private Dermatology Practice. Located centrally in Brisbane's traditional Medical district, HAUT is a personal and professional Dermatology Practice. 

Sydney City to Surf and Melanoma Institute Australia

Once a year I do a run strictly for charity. Last year it was the Gold Coast Marathon for Motor Neurone Disease and we managed to raise over $1000. This year I am running for the Melanoma Institute Australia. I hope to raise a similar amount!

The race it's self is short and a little hilly but iconic and a good chance to develop a some speed in my legs, which are getting used to long and slow, up and down mountains.......

Here is a link to the everyday hero web page if you would like to support a charity close to so many of our hearts.


All the best,






Melanoma Patients Association talk.

Last week I had the pleasure of talking to the MPA group in Brisbane. This was a pretty informal affair and went well. I hope all the participants got a better idea of what a Dermatologist can offer all patients with melanoma. In addition I can't stress enough the need for direct family members to be screened as well.

I hope the group enjoyed the talk as much as I did. The night was topped off with a presentation from a pair of cyclists who had recently ridden from Brisbane to Townsville for the annual Smiddy Foundation fund raiser. The group raised over $300 000 for melanoma research but also raised awareness and spirits all along the way. Well done!

I have added a link to the MPA site as I think this group offers invaluable support to all people affected by melanoma.


Phone dramas and UV phototherapy

Our phone is not disconnected! Please email admin@haut.com.au if you need to contact us!

Well with one bonus there comes a problem. We have a brand spanking new narrowband UVB machine, that is quick, cool and bulk billed. We also have a problem with the phones, patients report being told we are disconnected. If you have an Optus or Vodaphone service provider, they will give an error until this is sorted out. Three days of effort has not cracked it but we are still fighting the 'on hold blues' and trying to fix this frustrating issue.

Thank you for your patience.

UV machine is coming.

Some good news on the UV front. I won't have to send my patients off to other sites soon. We have almost finalised the purchase and instalment of our UV treatment booth. No idea where I will keep my running gear......

UV light particularly Narrow-Band UVB (or TL01 as it can be called) is a very versatile and safe way to treat many conditions. Psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and even chronic itch with no obvious cause can all respond. I am looking forward to getting this new machine up and running.

Speaking of running, I am off the Beerburrum on Sunday for the 52km Flinders Tour. This is a great race which starts with a 1.2km ascent of Mt Beerburrum, tough! It will also serve as a memorial to Dr Roger Guard, who sadly/tragically was killed in the MA17 airline disaster. He was a highly respected doctor and accomplished ultra-marathoner. Vale Roger.

A growing practice and a new website...

It has been a long while since I posted on my own web page. Well, we have a new one! I hope it looks better and works better. We have used real pro’s to do this one as I wanted it to reflect the feel of our practice.

Some things have changed here at HAUT. Dr Asoka Herat joined us over six months ago and is now very busy. Asoka and I trained together and I have always found her to be a great dermatologist, with a learned interest in the sub-specialty fields of Paediatrics and Female genital dermatology.

The practice itself is growing all the time. I work every day, start early and finish late, which means we can usually fit patients in quickly. I still do almost all of my own surgery, as does Dr Herat.

The cosmetic side of our practice is growing as well, Monica is now fully trained in the use of fillers and muscle relaxing injections. She is a dab hand at chemical peels and is even doing a review for the Cochrane Collaboration on their use in Dermatology.

Soon I hope to buy a UV treatment booth. The room currently houses my running gear and a guitar! This purchase should happen before the end of 2014.

Thanks for all the ongoing support, I am blessed to have such wonderful patients and referring GP’s alike. I certainly enjoy my work and look forward to watching HAUT grow.