HAUT Dermatology

HAUT is a Dermatology Practice run by Dr Adrian Mulholland. After more than fifteen years of working in the field of Dermatology Dr Mulholland has established his own private Dermatology Practice. Located centrally in Brisbane's traditional Medical district, HAUT is a personal and professional Dermatology Practice. 

Phone dramas and UV phototherapy

Our phone is not disconnected! Please email admin@haut.com.au if you need to contact us!

Well with one bonus there comes a problem. We have a brand spanking new narrowband UVB machine, that is quick, cool and bulk billed. We also have a problem with the phones, patients report being told we are disconnected. If you have an Optus or Vodaphone service provider, they will give an error until this is sorted out. Three days of effort has not cracked it but we are still fighting the 'on hold blues' and trying to fix this frustrating issue.

Thank you for your patience.